Payment Terms & Methods

Value of the order to be paid at CLOTHER:

The total cost of payment on CLOTHER includes: Item price, shipping

  • Item Price: The item's price is listed next to the item.
  • Shipping Fee: Shipping charges depend on your destination and will be charged when you enter your address. Fees are described in detail.

We do not charge tax on any country or item.


Accepted payment methods:

CLOTHER currently accepts two methods of payment:

  • Payment via Paypal account
  • Payment via credit card

When will the customer receive the refund?

  • We will issue a refund for an order canceled by or by the buyer within 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours, the order cannot be cancelled.
  • We accept refunds or exchanges for items returned in accordance with this Refund Policy

For more information or questions about Payment Terms & Conditions, please contact us at